OEM/ODM Services

Technical Services

● Customers can contact us through online consultation, telephone consultation, email consultation and other communication methods to inform us of the type, quantity and function of the air conditioner we need. Sales staff and engineers can provide customized solutions according to customer requirements, and arrange relevant technical personnel to participate in the design guidance, to provide professional technical information for design customers.

● We will accompany customers to visit the sample hall, visit the workshop and explain the production process, so that customers can have a direct impression of our production scale and products and equipment.

● Through early communication with customers, put forward detailed configuration requirements for product quotation and technical documents for customers to review and sign cooperation contracts.

Production Services

● According to the negotiation content, sign the contract, formulate the production plan, activate the sales and service plan, after the contract is approved, the factory will carry out the production.

● We have a management file for every order, and the person in charge follows it up one on one. The work contents include: technical document filing, raw material procurement, parts procurement process management, quality inspection tracking, product debugging tracking, product surface inspection, factory inspection conditions inspection, random inspection of technical documents, field debugging tracking, etc. In each process, we will communicate with customers in a timely manner.

● In the process of product sales, to meet the technical needs of customers, actively reply to customers' technical advice, solve the corresponding problems, make customers satisfied, rest assured.

After-Sales Services

● If customers need, we can provide operation and installation instructions for the construction personnel of related products. For the problems raised by customers in the process of installation and use, whether it is product quality problems or installation and construction problems, we will understand the actual situation, provide solutions to customers in the shortest time, and forward all relevant problems to our specialized engineering team. Ensure that customer problems are resolved in the shortest possible time.

● We hope to establish good cooperative relations with customers all over the world. We will always adhere to the "customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit" service philosophy, to provide high-quality technical services for global customers.

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